Laboratorie & Research Centers

Laboratorie & Research Centers

Recognitions and Achievements

Through 50 years of efforts, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication has exercised important influence in the printing, publishing, and related media industries, being a unit acting as Vice Chairman of the Education Ministry¡¯s Printing and Packaging Academic Committee, Chairman of the Printing and Packaging Academic Supervising Committee for National Junior College Education, and Chairman of the SGAPP¡¯s Coordinating Panel for the National Higher Learning Publishing Discipline Construction. At the university are the Beijing municipal key laboratory¡ªthe Printing and Packaging Material and Technology Laboratory, the China Research Center for Editing Materials, the China Periodical Research Institute, andthe Beijing Municipal Research Base for the Publishing Industry and Culture. Its backbone faculty members assume a series of important posts in the academic and trade organizations of the printing, publishing and packaging industries, playing a significant leading role in the construction and development of the printing and publishing and related disciplines. BIGC has undertaken many national key programs and projects in the printing and publishing fields, exercising a great influence within these industries and eminently indicating its distinguished position in academic exchanges, knowledge innovation, service and consultation, and high-level professional training.


Beijing Municipal Printing and Packaging Key Laboratory

This laboratory consists of the Public Testing Center, the Information Recording Material Division, the Plasma Physics and Material Division, the Printing Material Division, and Packaging Material Division. It concentrates on its main research orientations: the printing and packaging material and related applied technologies, takes as its basis the  material and related problems faced with the current industrial development, the market needs, and the enterprise requirements, and engages in pioneer research that focuses on applied materials and related technologies in printing and packaging.


The Beijing Municipal Research Base for the Publishing Industry

This base is comprised of the Communication Theory Department, the Publishing Industry and Economy Department, the Printing and Publishing History Department, the China Research Center for Editing Materials, the China Periodical Research Institute, and the Experimental Technology Center. It takes as its main subjects the communication basic theories and framework, and the application and effect analysis of the printing media and digital media, and researches on publishing communication theories, the publishing industry and economy, digital media communication, printing and publishing history etc.



The University Key Laboratories


The Printing Technology Laboratory

This laboratory consists of the Color Technology Division, and the Printing Technology Division. It is mainly engaged in research on the technological control of the printing engineering flow process, the standardization, datumization and regularization of the printing process, and printing adaptability.    


The Printing Machine Laboratory

This laboratory consists of three research divisions¡ªMechatronic Engineering, Printing Machinery, and Measurement and Control Technology, mainly engaged in research in mechatronic engineering, printing machinery default and detection, measurement and control technology, and related areas.


The Research Center for Digital Media Arts

This center consists of three divisions: Multimedia Network Arts, Printing Design and Art, and Media Art Theory Studies. These divisions are mainly engaged in media design and art, digital image art and communication, printing media art design and application, conceptual design and application, and aesthetics and the art industries. 


The Signal and Information Processing Laboratory

This laboratory is comprised of four divisions: Signal Detection and Processing, Digital Image Processing, Digital Copyright Protection, and Visual and Color Encoding Technology. These divisions are mainly engaged in research related to signal detection and processing, digital image processing, digital copyright protection, and vision and color encoding techniques.

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