Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication

Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication (BIGC) was established in 1978, and has grown up as a general polytechnic university of technology, humanities, arts, and management. The university has six colleges, three teaching divisions, and three research centers. Educational programs are diversified and distributed in three different levels, i.e., postgraduate, undergraduate and associate (vocational). And full time programs and part time programs (correspondence) are available.At present, BIGC has more than 700 faculty and staffs (about 350 full time teachers and 120 professors or associate professors) and 7,400 full-time students, amongst them, 100 graduate students, 5,600 undergraduate studentsand 1,700 vocational students.

The university has now 3 postgraduate programs offering master degree, 15 undergraduate programs offering bachelor degree and 10 associate programs. All the programs are sharply focused at information, media and communication related areas. Her graduates have been and will continue to be very active in and highly evaluated by graphic arts & printing, packaging, media, communication and art design industries. BIGC has earned high reputation and is very influential in these areas.

Contract terms:

Vacancy: 3 teaching positions availed for each academic year

Job description:

•Weekly teaching 14 hours

•Courses: Spoken English, English writing, Business English

Required qualification:

•Nationality of UK, USA, Canada and others

••••••Native English speaker, speaking English standard pronunciation and intonation ,

•MA or BA degree

•Teaching experience in TESOL preferable

•Must have the ability to organize an effective and lively classroom atmosphere

•Strong communication skill with students and high level team work spirit

Contract time:4.5 months, 11months

Monthly salary(RMB):5000~6000

Official facility:BIGC provides a shared office with other foreign teachers in the Foreign Language Department, including computer ,printer and other office equipment and furniture for use only

Air fare: one-way ticket less than 8000 RMB for 1 academic year

Accommodation:free apartment with two rooms, one kitchen and one lavatory, including furniture and TV, air-condition, bathroom, internet access, cooking utilities for use only. Telephone, electricity, water and gas expenses will be charged.

Medical treatment and Insurance : Minor illnesses will be treated at the BIGC¡¯s clinic or Daxing District Hospital or Beijing Friendship Hospital If the expense is not more than 200 RMB per month , BIGC will pay for that . The extra will be charged by foreign teacher. BIGC pays Health and Accident Insurance for each foreign teacher.

Contract renewal bonus: An international teacher¡¯s salary will be increase by 300~500RMB if both teacher and BIGC are satisfied with each other and agree to renew the contract for next academic year.

Contact information:

Ms. Wang Ying

Tel:(+86) 10-6026-1010

Email: ceec@bigc.edu.cn

Post address:No.25Xinghua North Road,Daxing District,Beijing 102600,China

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Address: 1 Xinghua Avenue (Band Two), Daxing, Beijing

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