Campus Life

Campus Life

Experiential education has been part of BIGC since it was founded in 1978. Every student in the institute has opportunity in practicing what is learned or trained. Affable experienced professors and modern teaching device provide the convenience of study on campus.

The library on campus has a collection of 832800 books and magazines.

Gymnasium, basketball courts, tennis courts and football field are provided for free. Schoolyards and gardens make a pleasing place for live and study.

Dinning rooms and restaurants could afford more than 1000 seats, food in different sapor is available.

The clinic on campus is a good choice for common diseases sufferer. Students could also find medical service in other hospitals in Beijing.

ChinaPrinting Museum, the training center of Chinese printing and publishing culture, is located on campus, students are easy to be close to both historic and modern culture.

Students of BIGC have wined many prizes in their domain both in China and oversea, Prix Mobius International des Multimedias, Mathematical Modeling great prix competition, etc.

The transportation is convenient; bus lines will be an abstemious choice. 20 minutes will be enough for a drive to the city centre, and 50 minutes to Beijing capital International Airport. Metro station nearby will be in service before 2011.

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