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BIGC Group Visit National Taiwan University of Arts

From January 26 to February 2, BIGC group visit National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA), with the purpose of broadening students’ horizon, improving the cultivation of practical talents, and promoting the development of cooperation in education between BIGC and NTUA. The visiting group is composed of 15 outstanding students and some teachers from Student Affairs Office, Teaching Affairs Office, School of International Education. Through class attendance, academic communication and site-seeing excursions, BIGC students has learned a lot from their counterparts as well as the teachers from Extension Education Center of NTUA, which may greatly help the transformation and development of BIGC’s cultural creativity. They also visit National Palace Museum, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and Huashan Cultural and Creative Park.   

Exchange of Souvenirs

Visiting & Appreciating--- Arts and Humanities of NTUA

At the opening ceremony of the communication program, Chen Changlang, Dean of Extension Education Center of NTUA, gives an introduction to the history, disciplines and specialties, scientific research, characteristics of NTUA, and its communication & cooperation with BIGC, among which, he particularizes Department of Graphic Communication Arts, Department of Visual Communication Design, and Crafts and Design Department. Chen Changlang then exchanges souvenirs with Chen Miaoling, a teacher from BIGC, and extends a warm welcome to BIGC teachers and students.  

Campus Tour

The opening ceremony is followed by a campus tour. Under the guidance of teachers from NTUA, BIGC group firstly visit Department of Graphic Communication Arts and watch the performance of laser cutting technique and technical application of eBook on iPad. Then they stop to see the multi-media equipment of NTUA, its unique film studio, and offices with distinct characteristics. The next stop is NTUA library, which is magnificently adorned in ancient Chinese style, and suffused with strong humanistic atmosphere. The library has rather complete collection of books. The final stop of the campus tour is the Cultural and Creative Park of NTUA, where BIGC teachers and students watch DIY artistic creation, and visit its workshop and store.

Learning and Practicing--Operation and Development of Cultural and Creative Industries

Since January 27, BIGC group attend a series of classes at NTUA. Academic and cultural Communication with teachers from different specialties of NTUA is conducted from various angles and at deeper levels. Topics of communication include teaching courses such as “Introduction to Cultural & Creative Industries” and “Introduction to Aesthetics”, development and characteristics of Taiwan cultural & creative industries, the adoption of traditional Chinese cultural elements in cultural & creative industries, the originality of cultural industrial products, and innovative strategies of cultural & creative industries. Through interaction and communication with NTUA teachers in class, all members of BIGC visitors are strongly impressed by the achievement Taiwan has made in inheriting and developing the excellence of traditional Chinese culture. Students are inspired and determined to work harder, and to make greater achievement in the advancement of cultural industries.

Group Photo 

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