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Professor Ian Lambert from Edinburgh Napier University Lectures at BIGC

On the afternoon of March 4, Professor Ian Lamber from Edinburgh Napier University visited BIGC and delivered a lecture at Art & Design School of BIGC. He is the Dean of Art, Design & Communication Department of Art & Communication School, the Director of Practice and Research Center for Design.

Professor Ian Lamber, taking Edinburgh Napier University as an example, introduced the curriculum of both undergraduate and graduate program of Art & Design in British universities, and elaborated the characteristics of courses provided by Art, Design & Communication Department of Edinburgh Napier University. He said that in Britain the teaching of art & design laid stress on making researches and putting designing ideas into practice, and students were required to take the users’ experience into consideration and build interacting models for their design. In Edinburgh Napier University, all the students of Art, Design & Communication Department have their own work area, and they can group together in three or five to complete a design task. The Department often co-organizes activities with the local charities such as designing packages for Mozambican handicrafts and designing posters for the local film festival, through which students can learn about the real life and experience various cultures. The Department provides modules of Graphic Design, Product Design, Interior Design, and Digital Art etc., and their students have won lots of world awards for design.                   


Ian Lambert is delivering his lecture

After the lecture, heads of Art & Design School, International Educational School, and International Cooperation & Communication Office of BIGC held a talk with Professor Ian Lambert. Li Xiaoquan, Dean of International Educational School, said that BIGC and Napier University had cooperated for several years with a well-established framework. He expressed hopes for further cooperation between the two universities in Art & Design Program. Professor Ian Lambert recommended Napier’s “2+2” program and “short-term exchange” program. Yang Hong, Secretary of Art & Design School, introduced to Professor Ian Lambert the enrollments and the advantages of their school. At the end of the talk, the two parties decided that the cooperation would begin with programs of Digital Media and Graphic Design. Professor Ian Lambert mentioned that, to learn Art & Design in Britain, overseas students must meet the required level of English language and they must submit their design work for entry assessment.            

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