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BIGC wins Its Fourth Chinese Excellent Publications Award

Recently, the fifth Chinese Excellent Publications Award (CEPA) was announced in Beijing. Interesting Chinese Characters, a digital book designed and compiled by Professor Yan Chen from BIGC was awarded “Chinese Excellent Publications (Digital Publications)”. BIGC became the only higher education institution which had won this award for four times.        

Liu Binjie, chairman of Education, Science, Culture and Public Health Committee and president of the Publishers Association of China (PAC), served as the chairman of prize committee. Wu Shangzhi, deputy director-general of SAPPRFT and vice president of PAC, and Wu Shulin, standing vice president of PAC, served as vice chairmen of prize committee.  

Focusing mainly on orientation, quality, creativity, and copyright, the prize committee chose carefully and critically the high-standard publications to achieve the impartiality, authority and scientificalness of the Award.  

Six digital books won the award of “Chinese Excellent Publications (Digital Publications)”.  Interesting Chinese Characters, published by People’s Education Electronics Audio-Video Press, designed and compiled by BIGC, was praised by the prize committee for its rich cultural nature as well as its new interpretation of Chinese characters. 

Certificate of award
Cover of Interesting Chinese Characters

Back Cover of Interesting Chinese Characters (colophon)
Back Cover of Interesting Chinese Characters (endpaper)

The award ceremony

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