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The BIGC-UT Design Workshop Achieves Great Success

Recently, supported by the School of International Education, sixteen postgraduates and two teachers from Art & Design School of BIGC visited the University of Tennessee (UT) and joined forces with 28 students and 3 faculty members of UT in a workshop focusing on creativity, design and cultural exchange. BIGC and UT began to make preparations for the workshop from January 2015, and after enough communication and consultation, the two parties reached an agreement on details of the workshop in March 2015.    

The objective of the workshop is to identify the problems in our life, work and study, to propose possible solutions by “rules and methods of design”, and then to develop innovative products to better our life and achieve efficiency. All the participants were divided into 4 groups, each group completing one project respectively from STORIGAMIˇ˘ILLUMICASˇ˘M&Pˇ˘SITTELL with a procedure including preliminary research, data analysis, needs analysis and concept design.

Students and teachers from BIGC and UT work together in the Design Workshop

When the projects completed, a group of experts including the dean of Architecture School of UT and some professors conducted a comprehensive review of those projects, and at last all of the experts reached a consensus that the designs by the 4 groups were all excellent in design idea, design skill, material analysis and model making.    

 This academic exchange program is catalyst for long-term cooperation in art & design higher education between China and the USA. It has not only enhanced the mutual understanding between BIGC and UT but laid a sound foundation for their future cooperation.

Project Presentation and Defense

The workshop also provided opportunities for cultural exchange. The UT faculty gave lectures on the relations among architecture, human being and environment, and the BIGC faculty gave lectures on Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting. Interacting activities were held for the students to learn more about each other’s culture. 

Cultural Communication & Lectures of the Two Sides
Group Photo

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