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The First E-Book APP Creation Competition among 4 Cross-strait Universities Launched at BIGC

On March 30, “Cloud-Based Mobile App Creation” ---- the opening ceremony for the first E-Book APP Creation Competition among 4 Cross-strait Universities was held in the lecture hall of Building A in BIGC, which marked the launching of this APP creation competition participated in by the students and faculty from National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA), Jinwen University of Science and Technology (JUST), Hangzhou Dianzi University (HDU) and Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication (BIGC).       

Xu Wencai, Vice President of BIGC, presided over the opening ceremony. He stressed that in recent years BIGC had more in-depth communication with NTUA and JUST and this E-Book APP Creation Competition was one of the priorities to the exchange and cooperation among the four universities.    


Wang Guanyi, Vice President of BIGC, remarked in his address that by drawing into the excellent intellectual resources from higher institutions and relevant industries in Taiwan, by establishing collaboration between universities and enterprises, this competition was making a brave attempt at cultivating creative talents with new idea, new mode and new platform.           

Professor Cai Jinxing from JUST said that JUST always attached great importance to digital publishing technology, esp. the creation of e-books. He hoped that the media universities in Taiwan and on mainland could co-organize more and larger exchange activities. 

Professor Han Fengnian from NTUA believed that with the support of those leading APP experts from higher institutions and enterprises, this e-book APP creation competition would enhance the cross-strait exchange and communication in digital publishing.      

The industry experts from Taiwan, the instructors and all the students participating in the competition were present at the opening ceremony. After the ceremony, Professor Han Fengnian delivered a speech entitled Development Mechanism and Case Studies of International interactive E-Books.

Professor Han Nianfeng from NTUA is delivering a speech 

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